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According to new laws in Oman, foreigners can now own real estate assets outside of Integrated Tourism Complexes (ITCs). A five-year extendable second-class residency is granted to investors who invest in assets between OMR 250,000 and OMR 500,000, although this is only valid for residential units. A ten-year extendable first-class residency and the purchase of commercial and industrial properties are both permitted with an investment of over OMR 500,000, though.

Only in the ITC projects or usufruct schemes are investments under OMR 250,000 still permitted. Some governorates continue to have restrictions, as do other places that are thought to be strategically significant.

The fact that income taxes in the Gulf are lower than in other nations is one of the main benefits of buying real estate in Oman. A fixed fee of 3 percent is applied to all rental proceeds. As an individual, unless your property is the result of a professional or commercial activity, you are not required to pay capital gains tax on your gains. The rate is 15% in certain circumstances. Additionally, there are no inheritance taxes in this nation.

Additionally, the buyer of real estate in Oman is required to pay a registration cost of 3%, stamp duty, and an application charge to complete the paperwork. The seller’s expenses are practically non-existent.

If you hire an agent or an attorney (which is strongly advised), you should also include their costs in your expenses. A “buy off” plan is sometimes offered to buyers, although this requires a holding deposit and ongoing payments until the contracts are fully executed and the property is legally transferred. This must be done throughout the period of construction.

The most important benefit of owning property in Oman is the absence of taxes. Due to the rising demand for property leases, landlords rather than tenants benefit more from renting out a house than vice versa.

The key factors luring more investors to Oman’s real estate market are the nation’s expanding economy and the tourism industry’s strengthening performance. In general, the cities are serene and tranquil while still being developed and modern.

Most banks offer enticing lending mortgages with competitive interest rates, which can be used to finance a home. Finding houses in Oman is much easier with the help of real estate professionals.

It’s crucial to use the services of qualified and experienced people.


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